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My name is Esther Charlestin, and I am a Selectboard member in Middlebury, Vermont.

As a Selectboard member, I will continue to work for Middlebury's families, support inclusion within our community, and help make sure that your voice is being heard in town government.

Esther Thomas

Meet Esther

I am Esther Charlestin. First generation Haitian 🇭🇹 American. Born to my immigrant parents Anita and Glachan Charlestin. The oldest of five siblings.My parents instilled the value of education in me. Through their encouragement, I’ve completed a Bachelors in History & Communication, Masters in Corporate Communication and Public Relations, and Master of Arts in Teaching. As a student, I’ve cultivated a love of learning and a growth mindset.


In spending the last year learning Middlebury, I see there is more to be done - I will continue to do the work to make our community better brick by brick.My hope is to keep the momentum by supporting businesses that are downtown, prioritize housing, support the library revamp project, and continue to make Middlebury a welcoming community through our work with Lisa Ryan & Tabitha Moore.

My Team

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2022 Voting Information

Election is on March 1, 2022. Early voting will be available, but you must request that ballots be mailed to you.To request your ballot, visit your My Voter Page, email awebster@townofmiddlebury.org, or call 802-388-8100 (ext. 211 or 212).Voted ballots may be returned by mail or placed in the Town Clerk’s drop box outside the Town Office door closest to the Library.Voted ballots may also be returned to the polls on March 1, 2022 at the Middlebury Recreation Center Gymnasium, 154 Creek Road, from 7am to 7pm. There is NO in-person early voting at the Town Offices.

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